Hydrafil Replacement Filter Element for Caterpillar 9U-6985

Hydrafil Part# BF-CAT-322305-L8-149WB

Upgrades for Spin-On Filter HC7500, 50-AT Series


Hydrafil High-performance Filter Element Replacement improves efficiency, keeps fluids cleaner, and ensures smoother operations. Proudly manufactured and sourced in the USA.

  • ISO 2941Collapse & Burst Resistant
  • ISO 2942Fabrication & Integrity Test
  • ISO 2943Material Compatibility with Fluids
  • ISO 3724Flow Fatigue Characteristics
  • ISO 3968Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
  • ISO 16889Multi-pass Performance Testing
OD Top: 5.06
OD Bottom: 5.06
Length: 10.9
Thread Size: 1.5 - 16
End Caps: Corrosion Resistant Steel
Center Tube: Corrosion Resistant Steel
Media: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Seal: Buna (Nitrile)
Bypass Setting: -
Collapse Rating: 100 psid
Filtration Rating: Bx = 200 Bx[c] = 1000
Hydrafil# : BF-CAT-322305-L8-149WB
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