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Hydraulic & Lubrication Filter Elements

Depend on proven and reliable filter elements from Hydrafil Inc.

Our huge reference database built over 50 years in the filtration industry makes Hydrafil Inc. not only a great source for filter elements but also a valuable knowledge base for understanding how to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance cost, increase production and extend component life.

High Efficiency Microglass Upgrades

Drive Uptime & Lower Total Cost Of Ownership!

Our Lead Times Are Measured In Weeks, Not Months!

All Our Replacement Interchanges Are Sourced & Made In The USA

Power For A Cleaner World

Now Available

New GE Wind Turbine Filter Element Upgrades

For GE 1.5MW XLE & SLE Models

Napa Gold

Certified Napa Distributor

With Access To The Entire Napa Filter Catalog Let Us Help You With Your Fleet, Industrial, Marine or Automotive Needs. Quantity Discount Pricing Available Upon Request. 

Napa Filters
Napa Gold Filters